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„SOUNDBREAKER is a very beautiful film that is both moving and interesting in its presentation of both music and musician. The cinematography is excellent and the sound design makes the performances of Pohjonen into real exciting experiences.“
Kalle Løchen, DOX (Magazine of the European Documentary Network, 2012)

«Publikumsrenner war „Soundbreaker“, das Porträt des finnischen Ausnahmemusikers Kimmo Pohjonen…»
Nordische Filmtage 2012, Blickpunkt Film

«SOUNDBREAKER was the surprise of the year for me! This profile of Kimmo Pohjonen – who makes playing the accordion incredibly sexy – was the most visually stunning doc I’ve seen in years…»
Sylvia Caminer, Dolger Films, New York, USA

«Soundbreaker is a visual feast in the same manner as are his many concerts. The Film offers a unique glimpse into the workings of one of today's most interesting artists and mavericks.»

«…beautifully photographed documentary … Koskela's film is an odd and unique take on one man's efforts to challenge the preconceived notions of what an instrument – thought to be 'traditional' and antiquated – can really do.»
Raindance Film Festival